George R (8 March 2013)
"to Mike Plunkett from George R"

Hi Mike –


Greetings in Christ Jesus!


Just because 90% of the Churches teach something does not make it true.

Many Churches keep one bad doctrine after another for one reason – money.

There are very few churches telling people of their absolute lost condition and WHY

they NEED CHRIST. Its unpopular along with the possibility of suffering for Christ’s sake.


In America its does not sell.  It’s all a business now with most of them.


The road is STILL NARROW (just like before) and few are there that find it…


But God will mean it all for good. When the Trib starts in earnest ie real mass killings

and they discover we might have to undergo some difficult times before Christ returns

the churches will be shaken to their foundations and I believe this will lead to a MASS

REVIVAL unlike anything seen. I pray so.


It looks like we are at the MidPt now and the way things

look at this Month’s end we should know a lot more.


At least - I sure hope it’s the MidPt.


7 more years could be a long time….


May The Lord bless you and yours


In Christ

George Reinhart