Friedrich Wenz (28 March 2013)
"RE: Wednesday ...Passover & Jericho  ...and #234"


Jericho gematria value 234 !!!


 H3405 Yeriychow / Jericho

Jos 2:1


Ezra 2:34

Ezra 2:34

The childrenH1121 of Jericho,H3405 threeH7969 hundredH3967 fortyH705 and five.H2568


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Passover & Jericho:

….Elijah: “Not everyone entered into the promised land, some elected to stay behind. Passover was prepared in the presence of Jericho; the enemy and the Supper of the Lamb, the Table; was prepared before the crucifixion on the cross."

Enoch: “Erin, there is a clock on that day. The preparation day to the Death of Yeshua. These are outlined in the Gospels.”

There an angel stood with a compass, a map and a 24 hour stop watch and a Hour glass with markers, starting at 6:00pm Jerusalem time. The Hour glass was inscribed, “Watches of the Day.”

Enoch: “Erin look at Wednesday - there is a saying, you know this, Wednesdayʼs child is full of woe.”

Me: “I donʼt understand.”

Enoch: “Erin the original crucifixion was on Wednesday with the Resurrection on the Sabbath Day. This was the day that the Pharisees were angry that Jesus healed rather than obey their laws. The day also that He set the Captives Free! Resurrection = Sabbath!”

me: “But we were taught Friday to Sunday.”

Elijah: “Erin, Christ Rose from Sabbath to Sabbath. The Death & Burial occurred before Passover was to begin!”

Enoch: “Now look at the time of the moon. This is the first full moon after Spring Equinox.”

Elijah: “Now letʼs review Manna.”

I saw the Lord and Disciples leaving after Supper to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray and battle the enemy (like Jericho) - supper ended -- going to battle. I saw the Israelites from the Wilderness, manna stopped; Israelites ate from the table (the Promised Land) the Lord had Prepared for Them in Advance -- then going into battle with the enemy = Jericho.

me: “Oh - Jesus is the True Manna! His body; the Bread. His Blood; the Wine!”

Elijah: “What happened after passover was observed?”

me: “Battle ensued or Judgement of the world - like Jericho." …



The walls of Jericho fell


Berlin Wall The date on which the Wall fell is considered to have been 9 November 1989


Calculation:  Nov 9, 1989 … March 27, 2013 = 8539 days / 365 = 23.394 years (…23.4  !)

Strong's Number H8539

tamahh {taw-mah'} a primitive root; TWOT - 2518; v AV - marvel 3, wonder 2, marvellously 1, astonied 1, astonished 1, amazed 1; 9 1) to be astounded, be stunned, be amazed, be dumbfounded 1a) (Qal) to be astounded 1b) (Hithpael) to astonish yourself, be astounded, be astonished at one another

God’s Astounding Work…….



Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus