Frank Molver (8 March 2013)
"Prophetic drawings, Israel squeeze, Wall street fail, real and false rapture by Nicole Poon"

Another interesting series of prophetic sketches by Nicole Poon and friend
This first one has to do with Israel the US and Britain
Perhaps we are protecting them or putting the squeeze on them
You see what appears to be the Holy Spirit blowing under it
Thompson from the Doves posted a prophetic word about a false flag re Israel last November
It could be the pretext for war, we shall see
4th March 2013/
I prayed for almost the same.God showed a Holy fire making the flag of Israel flying.We do not understand about this.
Then we see a rapture sketch
4th March 2013/
This day we studied about the life of Jacob.God showed a sand stone pillar with a church named Jacob that had cross on it.The bright morning star was coming with the countless people to it and at the same time many were going upward to.Apparently this is the second coming of Jesus Christ for Jacob Israel !!!
3rd March 2013/
I told God,"Please give us the clear revelation,let the world knows your message.
God showed an angel blowing the trumpet above the ice mountain toward the bright light.
3rd March 2013/
I praised God," for You are the beginning and also the end,You create all,we all are Your creations,we come to You,come soon and let us have the readiness."
God showed a big hole appeared in the sea of the earth,the countless white souls going upward from that to an object.And the other two else were leaving.
Now we have a false rapture, or a mocking of it by Satan the puppet master
2nd March 2013/
This day we studied about the story of Esau and Jacob.I prayed for that and also prayed for the time.I still asked God for His soon returning.
God showed a hill with a church on the top with bats flying. This church has a sickle on it instead of the cross.And under this hill there was a clown holding a clock inside a dark cave.It was flying up from the earth with some balloons.The meaning God gave:Satan also deceives the world the rapture.
"24For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect—if that were possible. 25See, I have told you ahead of time."
Matthew 24:24-25 (NIV)
Now we see a black figure re Wall street being broken
5th March 2013/
I thanked God for His respond to all of us and His revelation to this world,asked Him for coming according to His will.
God showed someone wearing a black cloak reading a news:"WALL ST Broken News",walking on a path of Wall St
Finally we see a book with blank pages and a rainbow above it
Pages yet to be filled, and a promise to fill them..
6th March 2013/
This day we still studied about the same.We learned that the figures in old testament who had faith to wait for God's promises.I asked God,"How long should we have faith to wait for?" God showed a book with blank pages.My friend said when he saw this he asked God what the meaning was,then God showed a rainbow above it.