Frank Molver (6 March 2013)
"Rapture drawings by Nicole Poon"

On the journey to heaven, the coming rapture
24th February, 2013/
I thanked God for His great love and grace to give us vision in our daily devotion that make us keep going on.
God showed a carriage speeding to the bright light in snowy night,that I was reading God's word in peace.I feel like God told three things: 1.The world now is in darkness and cold. 2. Time is running out fast. 3. I am peace in God.
24th February, 2013/
This day we studied about God's blessing to Isaac.I also asked God for blessing and making way that more people can be blessed by His messages.
God showed a crystal lamp with a burning out candle in it and an eye reflection with the cross light reflection on it.We got two meanings:1. We have to focus on the light of the Holy Spirit. 2. Time is almost up.
25th February, 2013/
This day something made me very down so that I was very humble to pray for almost the same

27th February, 2013/
I asked the Holy Spirit for speaking to us,encouraging us,taking away our negative thought,giving a joyful heart.
God showed that He was giving the last red fruit to a basket of fruits and the red needle of the scale being almost to twelve that looked like a clock. God answered my previous questions through this day's vision.The last one saved is being prepared.How exciting!
st March 2013/
I prayed for many,at last I told God,No one can know the time You comes,so then what is the meaning of unexpected time? Is it when most of us forget and ignore it?
God showed a series of ships with red flag on it coming from a planet that was beyond our earth where there a cross figure.