Frank Molver (28 March 2013)
"Renee re Obamanation being in Bethlehem"
I think the problem here is many of us are so desperate for the Lord to return.
So then we try to make prophecy fit current news items.
Sometimes we are right, many times we are wrong
I certainly believe Obama is up to no good, I see him persecuting Christians very severely
But I am not totally sure, like several others here, that he is the AC
Some folks here were saying that when he wrote on the beam of the Freedom tower that was the Abomination
But no, not yet, it has to happen were and when the Bible says it will.
The world is not fighting over Bethlehem
They are fighting over Jerusalem, where Christ was crucified.
Bethlehem is a separate city
They specifically are fighting over the Temple Mount
The Temple was built there right were Abraham attempted to sacrifice Isaaac
That is why it is called the Dome of the Rock
The Old Temple ruins were used to build that Dome and it was built by Mohammed's order
Which is an abomination to the Jews in of itself
So this event has not happened yet
So lets be patient