Edwina (6 March 2013)
"Lydia - WORMWOOD Observatory."

Dear Lydia,
Your letter concerning my letter here  http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/march2013/lydias34-3.htm
Your tone, discrediting my letter's contents, refering to my "facts", i never said they were facts? and i would be the first to say i know nothing, compared to say Tom Horn from www.raidersnewsupdate.com who has made a special documentary regarding the vatican Observatory named L-CIFER. Now i don't think that that, is a coincidence but, that is my personal opinion and i also am of the opinion that the Vatican and the jesuits and the s-tanists are not known for being "honest"?
The Bible tells us to be discerning regarding these last days, and times of the end. I believe that  l-ucifer/ s-tan/ the devil is renowned for not being truthful. The church, the roman catholic church, has unfortunately been infiltrated by the enemy and it is common knowledge when reading from the many theologians regarding this issue. Jesus did a parable on the Wheat and the Tares? for our understanding in these matters.
In the 1970's pope John Paul was stated as saying that the " i smell smoke of s-tan has entered the sanctuary", from memory as i no longer have my copy of Appolyon Rising by Tom Horn and it is written in there, in detail. It seems to me, that we have a choice in these days to do our home-work and then, pray and listen to other long standing Christians, and there comes a point when your vision and understanding suddenly becomes clear, and then you can understand. You are sure what you believe to be true.
I thought the WORMWOOD Observatory was in New Zealand and so i had obiously made a written error not to write Australia, a mistake since i remember checking the Link before i pasted in onto my letter before posting it.  I had "heard" on a radio programme i cannot now recall, but the insider guest was saying that not only in the southern hemisphere, project WORMWOOD, but also in the USA, i think it is in Arizona, that again i heard on the same radio programme. The Vatican is a political state, and has an office in every country and so I BELIEVE, that the insider who has declared this all as a truth, especially the fact, regarding the jesuits being involved was Kosher!  And, although Project Wormwood is stated on the the web page "Australian Govenment", and i would not mind betting that the one in Arizona says, "USA Government"?...even though i believe it has jesuits and the vatican behind it all, since they are connected to the elite by worshipping the 33rd degree masonic god, no other than our old enemy, l-cifer.
As for the "official vatican" Observatory named L-CIFER i find that extraordinaryliy astounding!  it's a pledged loyalties. i mean would you as a born again, Blood Bought Christian, name your cat l-cifer?
i cannot stick that name and i give the d-vil no credence or honour in my writing, except to say that he has a whole load of powerful demons and wicked, stinking evil and filthy ways. And there is only One Name Worth Capitalizing ! JESUS CHRIST, LORD OF LORDS! KING OF KINGS!
 And so, all of the years i have been a "Watcher" no-one has hard facts all the time, but we share what we have picked up along the way, to help and aid each others understanding? Can you see where i'm coming from? I certainly, can categorically state right now, here and today, that i do not believe hardly a word the governments tell us! i also do not believe all the main news media either, since they pad out their news slot with a few "facts" and most is manipulated to create the opinion for the masses or the sheeple, that the elite want you to believe. Since the elite owns all the news media. With Free Masonary rife and the Illuminati? They also have sinister ways of discrediting the "truth" for instance the existance of planet X.
NASA is also run by the elite. The World Governments are run by the elite. Many whistle blowers have even been murdererd! That is how serious and how manipulative the enemy is. So i believe only the BIBLE from beginning to end, hook line and sinker! i believe that the Bible is real and is alive, and i believe that project WORMWOOD is to sight the incoming planet which also has a solar system of it's own, i've "seen" this with my own eyes! and also has many bad things coming with it, which is about to be unravelled before us on the earth. And the name of the star falling is Wormwood, Revelation  Chapter 8 :11 - A third of the waters turn bitter? Wormwood is a pivotal calamity i believe that brings the full force of Judgement from the Lord our God.
I believe, that what i wrote in the letter you have referred to, as "truth" that the truth as i understand it from others, from my gut feeling that so many, many souls who have put their  lives on the line, their reputation, their credibility, because of what they have learned from others who have shared important information to the Bride, The Church, us! Why? To help us be ready and waiting for our Bridegroom!
Watching is hard work. I spend on average 5 to 8 hours each day...(and the rest praying!)  Being a Watcher is a "calling", and being a Watcher is not easy! Watching means that you won't find out what is really going on by switching on your local or national news. Watching means you have to dig deep. Think deep. And most of all, love deep because finding out the "truth" means that Y-H is revealing things to you! It means that Yeshuah Ha Mashiach, is wanting you to know more about Him!  Means the Most Holy Spirit is revealing to you the very heart of G-d! The very  revelation, the un-covering, the decifering of what the Lord has to put up with in stratergies of the enemy, for our enemy is not in flesh and blood? The Lord knows everything about everything!! All of the time.
Our enemy is of principalities in high places! My sister Lydia, perhaps the Lord is using all of this to open our eyes even more!
Praise the Lord! we are in a previlaged position, to share and pass on our hard earned nuggets of "insider information" for is not a Christian called to share his findings?
Especially on this wonderful site, whereby G-d is using John Tng who felt called to create this opportunity for Watchers of Yeshuah's Coming, the Second Coming and all of it's ramifications?  G-d wants our hearts to be broken with love! Love Him above all  things. It is all about saving SOULS! In awe i say Lydia, the only "facts" are that promised by the very lips of our Lord and G-d.
Shalom my sister, love edwina.
WORMWOOD  Revelation 8 : 11
Appolyon  Rising Tom Horn.