Donna Danna (8 March 2013)
"Vatican: Rome's mayor claims new pope likely to be enthroned on March 17"

Vatican: Rome's mayor claims new pope likely to be enthroned on March 17
Rome, March 6 - "Rome's conservative mayor Gianni Alemanno on Wednesday predicted that emeritus pope Benedict XVI's successor could be installed on 17 March - without giving an explanation.  "Three exceptional events are in the offing on 17 March, celebrations to mark the [152nd anniversary of the] unification of Italy, the probable enthronement of a new pontiff and the 19th Rome marathon," Alemanno stated."
March 17, 1942 Holocaust: The first Jews from the Lviv Ghetto (western Ukraine) are gassed at the Belzec death camp (eastern Poland).
March 17, 1861 Italy declares independence; Kingdom of Italy proclaimed
March 17, 1861 The Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) is proclaimed.
March 17, 1805 "The Italian Republic, with Napoleon as president, becomes the Kingdom of Italy, with Napoleon as King."
March 17, 455 Roman senator Petronius Maximus becomes Emperor.
March 17, 0180 Emperor Marcus Aurelius dies. Commodus is now the only emperor.
March 17, 0045 "BC - In his last victory, Julius Caesar defeats the Pompeian forces of Titus Labienus and Pompey the Younger in the Battle of Munda."