Charles Holler (8 March 2013)
"Why I don't call Good Friday...Good"

Two thousand years ago He hung on a cross
His loved ones stood there, could hardly bear the loss
Only the English language calls this day Good
Germans say Sorrowful or Suffering Friday, as they should
In Denmark it's called Long Friday, and long I'm sure it was
the Romance languages say Holy, setting the whole world abuzz
In Greece it's called Great, but they called Alexander that too
but Germans have a third word for this Savior, the Gentiles slew
It's most popularly called Mournful, and that's the name I chose
not just because of Jesus, tho' my Love for Him daily grows
It's because of a more Earthly tragedy, some Forty years ago
In the Illinois town of Loami, a catastrophe no one could know
In a home on mournful Friday a consuming fire did rage
At first the Horrific outcome, nobody could gauge
Soon to be evident, two victims, just children, what sorrow
My brothers James and Michael would never see tomorrow
The youngest was Michael, only eight and a twin
not much older at eleven was James, his next of kin
They say time heals all wounds, but life gives us scars
and every Mournful Friday, I think of them in the stars
This saga's not over, another tragedy to be told
The final leg of this story will now unfold
just a simple procedure that day in an operating room
but we all got the phone call, oh what gloom and doom
Again on Mournful Friday, Twenty Four years later
Our father Paul James Smith was only fifty seven
Now with James and Michael, they're all residing in Heaven.

Author: Charles Henry Holler Sr.
March 7, 2013