Charles (6 March 2013)
"By Lea Sylvester"


Kind of says it all why I was called out of the corporate church why they except a remnant cannot see what is coming! They are already complacently promoting it their church their denomination is already leading them down the wide path. It's become about social justice and environmental activists and being purpose driven not the cross and knowing Christ or Him crucified. Genesis 12:3 He who blesses Israel shall be blessed I found out stood up and was told well you got to take the good with the bad what I knew then I belonged to a social justice organization not Christs church and sadly I left. Not because I did not chose Christ first but I realized no one else got the difference and all those going against Gods people by giving their offerings to be used against them were being told soothing words by hirelings and I heard the Shepards voice calling me to Him. I believe there is a remnant of sheep but the fact is this is why the church is not warning. They do not even read the Old Testament or revelations and a few words such as focusing on Jesus coming back takes away from our mission here. What our mission here is to stand and walk in Jesus path by His spirit not proclaim Jesus and tell His people they have no right to the land God gave them! I chose to stand alone with Jesus as weak as I am I chose to stand for Israel I am the grafted in branch they were blinded so we could be. But I guess you have to read the bible by the spirit yourself not take a fifteen minute sermon on being purpose driven. Church became daycare, entertainment, football, doughnuts, and social justice. I had to draw the line at genesis 3:12. I chose Jesus I chose seperation I chose Israel. The church and the bride are the individual spirit filled believers. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no man can come to the Father except by me. Not hey your way is as good as my way

Only one path leads home the one Jesus laid down. His sheep hear his voice and follow Him a hireling they will not follow they know not his voice. Well guys here's your answer why two here one there are warning and the rest. Do not see what time it is.

The hirelings didn't teach them how to tell time and they did not bother to learn themselves. The Lacadonian endtime church great buildings great activities great fellowship except they don't know their true state. Lord when the foundations are fallen where can the rightous go? Directly to the cross and the mercy seat of Christ. Bless Israel pray for the peace of Jerusalem.