Charles (6 March 2013)
"Truly nothing and its on a Thursday"


I awake to another week I know is a lie. I watched a cooking show last evening making fun of people who cannot cook. I said they put anything on to just distract us another show shows camo Christian red part of the body living the high life modem Beverly hillbillies.

I awake today feeling numb and hungover a term from the past just from the sorrow of realizing I am truly nothing we are all before God. The fact is that we must die to this world to live through Christ. But I am trapped in a world that does not know its reality it does not know the judgement of God hangs over us and the world is ending becoming nothing. The thoughts of the wise are vain because they come to nothing.

No one wants to hear this I have to go out in a world where I got a big project to do that will not amount to a thing vain futile work. I will not see the reward. Even if this was successful the earning would be worthless soon maybe by the end of March!

Two movies coming out march 22 and June 22 hint at peril. The real peril is being in a world that the bible says thinks its a queen and no harm will come to it when the reality is in one hour and one day it will be empty and waste.

No one running too and fro gets it even the people in churches singing Jesus he came as a humble servant He's coming back as a fullers soap and refining fire who can stand?

My constant thoughts are how little time seems left and how exhausted and helpless and alone I feel how I cannot figure out how to warn let alone how to have to go out in this world exist in it and also come out of it enough I feel ok to stand before Him.

The funny thing is I think we all should just stop and drop to our knees and pray if the whole world truly knew what was coming I would like to think they would but even then. Really the human race except for Jesus failed.

We are without hope truly nothing except we have a God who sent His Son to tell us the truth and die for our sins that we may live through His life and resurection. Here's the catch we have to stop living for our desires our flesh and this world while still being in it and have to use His grace and power to overcome.

Ie I'm not to live for a future with my family what I hope and dream for in the flesh and witness Jesus while going out into a world that mostly denies Him and is not aware that just by living their lives they are decieve because its all coming to nil!

It's a hard pill to swallow on a Monday and I really am tired and warn out from watching but its the only thing that brings my focus back to God.

Time is truly short in my dream the rapture was on a Thursday many way the midpoint March 21st guess what guys that's a Thursday! But should I warn and we are still here as other seeming sure dates have come what then? But if we don't live like He's at the door He's gonna knock.

There is talk about a June strike on Iran June 22 is another date to go mmmm. Simply put something is up soon 99% are not even watching and I see a few warning but to prepare Here for what can we a storm sure the tribulation no way. I know for certain in my heart the rapture will occur when the great EQ probably hits and we may not have a lot of knee drop time if any.

How can I help anyone when I am constantly pulling logs out of my eyes and really am as nothing before this world. I just know He is real He manifested to me and the more I study and see with His eyes the more I see how the whole world is decieved and banking on that its just going on and we are daft.

Problem is this Book the Bible is coming true right before our eyes! No one reads the bible to see because it convicts them of the worlds wrongness and that they are truly nothing before an all knowing God.

I hope He saves His Doves.