Charles (14 March 2013)
"A hypothetical what iif timeline of events"


Based on all the possible fulfillment of bible prophecy about to occur and signs in the sun and heavans and on earth:

A hypothetical timeline:

Match 20th V formation alignment of planets and sun called alignment of doom by those who see planetary alignments inuence quakes causes a pre curser quake in California we watch events in Israel

Match 21st new agers are saying this is ascension day perfect cover for firstfruits rapture? Mid point for some timelines hey it's a Thursday I am looking up.

March 22 post rapture all goes crazy. Psalm 83 Isaiah 17 dogs and cats you get it.

March 23, 2013 original deadline for RFID really

Ten days of tribulation new pope and a miraculously healed world leader introduce the aliens as our creators false Jesus world buys it.

Anyone not buying it call on Jesus and The Lord.

April 2nd seventh 188 day earthquake mega quake California sets off worldwide quake rapture of the last trump.

Could this be occuring just nine days from now?

This is all hypothetical speculation but I think the new pope is the last peg North Korea is set to be the scapegoat and meteors are falling from the sky.

The most amazing sign is most are not even awake enough to notice the convergence of bible prophecy, current events, and natural animal deaths storms EQs all meshing.

The bible told of these times two thousand years ago. It also said there would be those who scoffed because someone warned and it was not yet because they mistakenly think all is just going on forgetting purposely Noah and Lot.

The problem is we are seeing through a veil not totally clearly. I got a sign awhile back I may have misread. A42 I thought it meant 42 says till the rapture but now I think it was pointing to April 2 the seventh 188 day EQ cycle.

It is my belief this may be the sixth seal quake day. California has not been hit and a 7.0 plus has occured six times.

This is all being hinted at by others I just summarized the 188 day Cycle is a fact. All I know is I had a vision that being raptured I said I cannot believe it was on a Thursday. If there was any normal just another day it's then.

We shall soon see. Look up your redemption draws near.