Charles (14 March 2013)
"Where two or three are gathered in My name"

My wife's birthday was yesterday. I took her to dinner watched an hour of tv with her kept controversy out of my mouth. This morning my son ran to turn on tv I said no. He is seeing her react to anything I say about the news outside of the reality tv bubble. I tell Him Jesus is coming to pray every night. Well he said something in a whisper to me about adults not getting something do you know what I whispered back all adults don't get everything honey and my wife was behind me eyes blazing with anger that I was whispering to him that I was starting on this date and time thing. I told her she has not read the bible she is not watching her iPad browser is all silly stuff the who and what this star is doing the real estate they live in etc. I told her she looks at worthless stuff last night and she said so its none of your business. I am trying to warn her. My friend I warned is planning a fifty mile hike it just bounces off them.

There comes a time when people are ultimately responsible for seeing the train wreck coming and getting off the train. The message I got last evening is that the world tolerates you as long as you shut up. She threatened me today again I better shut up or she will act. This world is a matrix and people are being led around by their noses being told what they want to hear. I have warned now its about seperation and not losing my crown I cannot play around in dreamland retire in a camper reality any more yet I am still stuck here unless Jesus lifts me up. We all are but we can know and walk in the truth. Please pray for my protection from this sad thing. Lots wife I said to her you don't want to be her.

I watched another show also saw the trailer for Olympus down really North Korea red dawn North Korea. Are the sheeple being sold a scapegoat seems so. The pope is the last peg when the transgressors have reached their fullness.

It is almost time for Lot to leave the building. Nicole your right. I don't drink anymore. Patty I look for your posts. Pray for my wife pray for my protection pray for my son. Pray I put Jesus first its the only hope they have.