Carl Worline (8 March 2013)
"Something Is Not Right Here"


Hi Everybody,
There is something very wrong with this picture, as they say.  The US economy is in even worse shape than previously thought.  The dreaded sequestration is threatening to do all kinds of horrible damage.  We have all heard the endless speculation on Fox News, and even the liberal media.  Our national defense is suffering horribly.  For example, something like 7 of our 9 aircraft carriers are in port because we can't afford to send them out to sea, according to one example I recently read.  The Department of Homeland Security is buying billions of rounds of ammunition, huge amounts of fully automatic assault rifles, and even a couple thousand tanks to fight off rioting American citizens when our financial system collapses, and at the same time the stock market is at an all-time record high, and climbing higher each day.  There is something definitely wrong here, and by that I mean very wrong.
Something else I want to mention.  Apparently there was a 2.5 magnitude earthquake last Sunday at the location where the former pope is now staying.  I know a 2.5 is pretty mild, but it's location and timing is certainly significant.
I swear, there are so many signs out there right now I have totally lost sight of the road.
Carl Worline