Brenda (8 March 2013)
"Revelation of a dream and vision on 3/6/2013"

 Jon and Doves,
This is my first post here. I read all the letters most every day and have learned much. Thank you all for such devotion and diligence in the word. I am one who has experienced very vivid God dreams and have had visions also. Most are personal but some are to be reveled to others. I've enclosed these as so much is happening to point to our great Kings soon arrival for his bride. This revelation of a dream and vision happened march 6th 2013.
This morning 3/6/2013 I had something reveled to me that has shook me to my core. I doubt this will affect you this way but please know that I am still shaking and trying to figure out why me.
First I need to tell you where it started. In 1998, I think that was the yr. I lived in Tn. I had the strangest dream one night. In it was a man dressed in middle-eastern clothing, the turban and long white garb. He was standing out in the desert beside a camel in light colored sand. His back was to me so I didn't see his face. This dream bothered me and I discussed it with my brother-in-law. I always felt it had something to do with end times. Back then I wasn't into any end-time studies or walking faithfully with the Lord like I should have been. But I knew in my heart it was from the Lord.
O.K. then around 2008/2009 I was in my bedroom doing something around my bed, when I got a very brief vision. I didn't even know what it was but later saw a picture and realized that I had seen the Washington Monument. Clear as day, standing tall and white. I remember thinking, boy that was strange, what was that about. Just in real fast then gone.
Now to what happened today......I was watching a video with Walid Shobat..he's a converted Muslim terrorist. Then at the finish of it, the list gave another list to watch. One of them was entitled, "The anti-christ is Obama", so I watched it. I want to add I've never really thought he was that person as I just thought him to be someone the higher ups were using to accomplish their goals using the racial thing. Anyway, along in the video when it gets to around the 5:30 mark, I see it. I'll enclose links for you to go see it yourselves. The scene is the platform where Obama is inaugurated in 2008 and directly behind him is the Washington Monument. It all came together at that point and I know in my spirit he'll be the one that is used. He is for sure Muslim and his faith is Islam, (which represents the dream of the man in the middle-eastern clothing ). The ring he wears ( and he's worn that ring for yrs and yrs.), says there is no god but Allah. You can look that up if you want.
Now I know why God wouldn't allow that to rest in my spirit. I ask you please to pray for me to get more focused and attentive to His messages as I've not been. Please pray for me to have strength and for protection from the evil one.
I know many Christians don't think the anti-christ will be reveled before the catching away. But I think true believers will know. The rest of the world will not know until the church is removed. When I tie this in with other things God has shown and told me in the last few yrs.. I believe he is ready to gather us to himself, else why would he be awakening so many and showing us things like this. Enclosed are the links to videos. Also would encourage you to listen to Wallid Shoebat's videos. He believes that Islam is the one to fulfill end times also. Chuck Missler has brought him into a lot of his works. They both are very hard studied men of end time work
Love in Christ.......Brenda