Arlene (14 March 2013)
"Reply for Gino...."

Hi Gino....I have no answer about the question of two different locations of New Jerusalem and the Lake of Fire.  I don't know.  From what I've understood in the past, there is no day or night in eternity, or heaven, whatever we may call the afterlife.  Every time I learn more things, I find I have only more questions.  When we rule and reign with Christ, where are we in actual location?  Are we going to be spiritual bodies in a physical world?  Who will be inhabiting the earth during the 1000 years?  Or, will the earth be desolate for these 1000 years due to the fact we have not followed God's commands to let the earth have a Sabbath rest every 7 years?  There are some people who firmly believe this.  I, myself, don't know anything for sure about this.

The more I learn, the more questions I have.  And I really enjoy reading other people's opinions.

I fault nobody for what the! y learn about living after the Tribulation, whether correct or incorrect, because nobody will know what's beyond this present age of the world until we are there.  It would be nice if someone could pick out certain scriptures that show us exactly what pulls it all together to make some perfect sense.  But, I haven't read anything, yet, that makes perfect sense.

Prayerfully, we will see very soon....