Gerlinda (28 March 2012)
"To Robert Anderson - Washington's apron"

Dear Robert,
I'm sorry it took me a couple of days to get back to you.  I understand where you are coming from regarding what seems like an attack upon the Founding Fathers.  I, as well as many millions of others love our country so much and it hurts us so deeply to see where she has fallen.  Her greatness was because of the many great men and women that came to these shores, worked to develop her and through-out it's history, her men and women have gone to fight for the many wonderful things she stood for.  God has used this nation to bless others and also as a hammer to judge other nations but soon, because of her abundant wealth and greed among the poliiticans, banks, Wall Street, corruption and filth of Hollywood and  in almost every field that can be occupied, she will see the Wrath of God. 
But Robert, as I have learned more and more about the Secret Organizations such as the Masons, Scottish Rights, Skull-Bones, I can no longer up-hold the goodness of it's leaders.  We like to see George Washington as being above this kind of thing.  But please do your own investigation and you will find out that no president has ever been chosen (or elected, if you will) that was not a memeber of a secret society to establish their foundation upon this New Land and it went right back to president # 1.  It was the people of this country that made it great, not it's leaders.  Yes, Washington was a great general; he fought along with the others that wanted to be free of British rule but behind all of that, there were alterior motives.
Mathman posted a great link today from Vigilant Citizen, which had other good links to click into, which I did called Eye of the Phoenix.  It is lengthy but in search for the truth, it sometimes takes devoting time you'd rather spend doing something else. Please stick with it to the end.   It covers quite a period of time and many topics that bring us to our present day.
MathMan (27 March 2012)
"The Satanic Denver Airport"

Dear Doves,

The following is one of the best articles I have EVER seen on the Satanic (aka Masonic) images at the Denver Airport.

God bless you with the truth, Robert.  gerlinda