Frank R Molver (14 March 2012)
"re Jasua Miracle of Light, prophetic poem reading"
Most excellent, warning and all.
Especially effective was watching you read the poem while walking on the trail.

Dear Doves,

the following poem was inspired to me by surprise. I am not really a poet -> all glory belongs to Jesus!

Maybe you feel like you want to share it to some unbelievers or lukewarm Christians too.



everything is silent
no miracle in sight

everything is silent
just a little, distant light

everything is silent
but that small light now quickly grows

everything's still silent
and now it's really really close

it hits the earth so loud
lightning, thunders in the clouds

Jesus standing at the door
people with their faces on the floor

the trumpet sounds, the sparkles fly
the saints are raising to the sky

all the earth's in shock
left behind: a scattered flock

the terror of that last hour
allows the beast to rise in power


the end is near and time is short
to call for mercy from the LORD

GOD is righteous, GOD is just
the punishment of sin a must

but - HALLELUJAH! - through HIS will
grace and love are greater still

that's why GOD gave his only son
who came, obeyed and truly won

so that if you believe in him
HE'll forget 'bout all your sin

call on Jesus here and now,
get on your knees, don't hesitate to bow

the moment you confess him with your lips
is when his deep love really hits

say: "Jesus please forgive me! I am lost!"
he answers: "I forgive you at no cost!"

within your heart now burns a light
and it keeps burning day and night

and when at times it seems
that everything is silent and no miracle in sight

remember what it really means
that in your heart is burning a miracle of light


Youtube Version:

Watch & Pray!
YBIC, Josua