Charles (17 March 2012)
"The sign of the beaching of invertabrates"

The sign will occur during the super moon I saw a large full moon over the beach and sealife washing ashore! This will be a three day warning I have to believe because the moon was so large this was the evening of the 19th I do not know where this is exactly but the other odd thing is you cannot just get to the beach there is like an overlook with a railing looking out then there are steps down to the beach! I read a post on rapture ready that in the mega quake the tsunami will be up to 100 feet high and my jaw dropped that's pretty close to 33 meters! Hummingbitd027 also has had a dream that the rapture may occur around the march 22 timeframe! With Israel giving gaza to Saturday to stop or they will invade it looks like we are right up against it! Guys if my vision is later or whatever but if I saw what I saw and did not warn and it occurs I have a strong sense that the vision was for someone on five doves that they would know where this is and what to do and others also! Please pray for all doves to fly I am
Trying to remember any details I glanced over that may help I strongly sense southern California but cannot say for sure or where those buildings or beaches are!