Will Schumacher (8 March 2011)
"the tetrad of eclipses in 33ad and 34 ad"

God has highlighted 2014-2015 with 4 lunar eclipses on His feast days, plus 2 solar eclipses one on Feast of trumpets 2015 and one on Adar29/Nisan1 2015.

The 4 lunar:

2014-Passover Nisan 15

2014-Eve of Sukkot Nisan 14

2015-Passover Nisan 15

2015-Sukkot Tishri 15


We are looking at the more than likely 2nd completion of Daniels prophecy of 69 weeks to Messiah

1539 ad Sulieman rebuilds Jerusalem walls

+ 62 weeks of years

June 7, 1967

+ 7 weeks of years

=Sept 23, 2015


In 33 ad Jesus was crucified On Nisan 14, Passover-Julian date April 3, 33ad

Lunar eclipses of 33-34 ad (all Julian dates from NASA website)

33-April 3- Passover Nisan 14

33-Sept 27-Eve of Sukkot Tishri 14

34-March 23-Passover Nisan 15

34-Sept 16- Sukkot Tishri 15

-there was also one on Aug 18, 34 Elul 15

-the Bible records that darkness fell on the land from 3pm to 6 pm on crucifiction day so God miraculously made His own solar eclipse that day

-it was recorded that in the 4th year of the 202nd Olympiad darkness covered the land which would have been from summer 32ad to summer 33ad


This was the first completion of the 69 weeks of years to messiah being cut off

444ad-Nehamiah decree + 69 weeks to 33 ad


will schumacher