Will Schumacher (14 March 2011)
"re clay cantrell -japan earthquake a nuclear event"

Because Clay posted that this is a nuclear event also-which it is-and potentially could be a terrible nuclear event, I looked at the first nuclear event in Japan-the Hiroshima bombing.
I believe all of the major disasters that God allows in these last days are time markers to the next event that will happen to that country or the major worldwide event of the devil cast down or the destruction/rapture event.
My prior post was 442 days to 5-26-12 which talks of the tying to enoch and translation through gematria.
August 6, 1945 was the Hiroshima bomb drop
March 11, 2011 earthquake/ damage to nuclear facilities
It is 23,958 days from 8-6-45 to 3-11-11
23958=33x726  33=promise  726=harpazo
8-6-1945 to 8-6-2010=65 x365=23725  + 16 leap days + 217 days from 8-6-10 to 3-11-11
Will Schumacher