Wendy (16 March 2011)
"To Myra re Dr. Owour"

Myra and Doves,
I too enjoy listening to Dr. Owour's video messages and prophecies and I note that several, if not all, of them have come to pass.  However, when visiting his website after the recent Japan earthquake, I have to ask myself about and question the authenticity of Dr. Owour.  I am not saying that he is a false prophet, but I just wondered why the Japan earthquake was not also prophesied by this man.  The Japan earthquake/tsumani was tremendous in magnitude and loss of life, not to mention the threat of a nuclear disaster.  I just thought it odd that God did not warn Dr. Owour of this tragedy???  He warned of Chile, Australia floods, Katrina, Haiti etc.. Japan was pretty "big" so I was quite surprised not to see a message on his site about "Japan prophecy fulfilled".  Just wondering out loud...