Wendy (16 March 2011)
"Reply to Mary Ames"

This is so true Mary!  Thank you for bringing this to our attention - I had not thought about it until I read your post but it is obvious now as I watch the news.  No looting, no panic, no greed.  Everyone is behaving in a civilized manner, which is a rarety during a catastrophe such as the one suffered by these dear people.  Let the people of Japan be a witness to the western world and let us pray that we can show the same decency to our fellow humans if and when we go through a disaster of that magnitude.
What will happen in America when this kind of disaster strikes?  Will we be patient in food and water lines?  We will be decent and orderly amidst such tragedy and suffering?  

Maybe we could learn something from the Japanese. 


For when nations not having Law do by nature the things of the Law, they not having Law are a law to themselves, who show the work of the Law written in their hearts, their conscience witnessing with them.......
(Rom 2:14-15a)