Walt (8 March 2011)
"RE: Cary (7 March 2011)"


Cary, These are my thoughts concerning accepting eternal life and then rejecting it and therefore losing it. I look at everything in the light of God being our Father. I think then of myself being a father of two children. I can not think of anytning that my children could ever do that would cause them to no longer be my children and no way I would ever in any circumstance deny them my family name and inheritance of anything that I may have. The fact that they have been born of me is irrevocable. Even if some absurd law could annul the family name, they are my children. Nothing can change the fact that they are my blood. Even if they would reject that themselves would not effect my love for them and the fact that they are mine. God loves us even more than that. If one receives Christ as his savior, God takes that seriously. Once you are born into His family, you are in like it or not. Watch out! It is his responsibility to get you through those pearly gates. He will do it! He is well able to deal with rebellious children. It may be tough on the rebellious ones even to the point of spanking them with a few years of tribulation, but they will go through that wicket gate.(Bunyan) It has been my responsibility to guide my children into a responsible adulthood and it is easier for one child versus the other. Read Mal 3:17 and see for yourself how our Father deals with those of His children that serve Him and how he deals with the rebellious but loved child.
Walt <><