Walt (30 March 2011)
"RE: Gerry Almond and Raul D All Doves!!"

I was doing my daily perusing of the letters to Five Doves while my dear wife was watching Wheel of Fortune in the background. I had finished reading Raul D’s letter that suggests that the space shuttle will be forced down due to a meteor shower. Further, the shuttle has been rescheduled to lift off on April 4. 
While reading Gerry Almonds letter concerning signs of Noah and of Lot, I looked up at the Television to see one of the contestants solve the puzzle. The puzzle was “METEOR AND BRIDAL SHOWER”.  Her overall winning at the time was $4050. Looks like 4/5/2011 sort of doesn’t it? Then later the winner at the final round solved the puzzle correctly. The puzzle…….”A SIGN FROM ABOVE!!”  Are we Doves in line for a Bridal Shower?  I hope so!!
Sounds like our Wheel of Fortune.
Walt   <><