Virra (25 March 2011)
"Re: Patty Hayes ---  Nimrod's Mother"

You Said: In response to the question of Nimrod's mother, scripture is silent.  Other Jewish writings and historians are also silent on this as well.   To infer anything else without historical documentation is merely speculation.  And I wouldn't want to put out as truth without verifiable documentation.
My Response: I made no mention of Nimrod's mother. You must have misunderstood the post. The question was in reference to Jer. 50:12 which indicates Babylon's mother will be ashamed. Nimrod founded Babylon(Iraq) NOT his mother. The Babylon referenced in Jer. 50:12 was birthed by a woman. It states the woman who gave birth to this Babylon will be alive to see the destruction of her daughter and will be confounded in  the process.
"Your mother shall be sore confounded; she that bare you shall be ashamed"... Jer. 50:12