Virra (23 March 2011)
"Rumors, Ramblings, Convulsions, And Tremors"

The year just began and barely had concluded its third month and already there are
so many activities that its quite impossible to keep up with all the news. Nations, kingdoms, Earthquakes, Pestilences, one after the other continue to erupt without any end in sight. We are surely getting nearer every day.
What started in 2nisia is now escaling in 3poli. In addition to much rumbles from Syria, Yemen, bahrain Morrocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia. All of a sudden, all the Arab nations want a revolution 2wards new government. The timing of all this couldn't be any perfect. God is arranging house and putting things in place for His son's soon return.
I personally believe we have about 24 months from the date Libya was attacked on
3-19-11 until the Iranian regime will be attacked by coalition forces in 2013 right around Purim. I believe once this war is started, it will lead straight to the rapture right about ascension to pentecost of 2013.
However, before we head into 2013, I believe 2012 will be a very very difficult year economically for all the world. I believe the economic event that played out in 2008 will be prevalent in 2012 but 7 times worse because it will be compounded by the escalation of seismic events at a rate never before conceived. I believe it will be so bad that nations
will be barely able to help out each other due to the frequecy of distress coming on all the earth.
Through all this I believe God will take care of His children just like He did with the Hebrew men in the fire. We will feel the heat but it won't do us no harm until the Sun of rigteousness comes to receive us to Himself with healing in His wings.