Tyra (24 March 2011)
"Something I read a long time ago about the implantable microchip"

I'll try to find this information again, it's been a few years, but I was reading the implantable microchips if they "explode" in your hand or forehead will cause a noisome and grievious sore.  The lithium in the rechargable battery which is recharged by your bodies own heat (which is more fluctuating in your right hand or forehead, the same reason you feel your childs head or hands if they have a fever) is the same heat that recharges the battery since it can not be readily removed.  However, a change in magnetic field, or body rejection could cause the chip to explode and the Lithium is what burns the area affected and causes sores.  YIKES!!  direct hit to Revelation.

I also Gerry agree with Ron Reese on the timeline.  2008-2015.  It will be sooner than we think.  However, his kingdom come his will be done!!!!  We can all rejoice to know, our King is Coming!!!

God Bless,


Gerry Almond (23 March 2011)


Bro Dave

You may well be right about their place in the program.  But, I believe that we are already over two years into the first 1/2 of the 70th week of Daniel's prophecy.  I believe that Ron Reese and B. G. Ellis have it right.  Read my post of yesterday for a quick look.   There remains only 385 days until the abomination that makes desolate shows his colors in the temple.


Gerry Almond