Tony Ellsworth (12 March 2011)
"7th day of Passover"

If I could see a physical picture representation of the Rapture in the Bible it might have to be the parting of the Red Sea.  I know many studies have been written about Pentecost and the giving of the law.  I think this is also true.  Remember Paul talked about a 3rd heaven.  The first departure from Egypt was via the Red Sea.  Passover was the initial leaving, but the Israelites were still within Pharoh's reach.  The sky has been likened to the sea.  They are both physical bodies or barriers to passge.  Parting the sky, would lead to a translation or rapture event.  This would take us out of Egypt and Pharoh's reach for good.  The Bible does not record what day the parting of the Red Sea took place.  However, Jewish tradition is that the parting of the Red Sea took place on the 7th day of Passover.  This makes sense since this is the day God rested and completed things.  This would be the day that the Israelites could truly be free from slavery. 
Here is a link w/ more information:
This year, based on this calendar, it will occur on Monday, April 25th.  However, if you base it on the full moon observance for Passover (the 17th of April), the 7th day of Passover would be Saturday (sabbath) or fall onto Easter Sunday.
One clue that it was the 7th day is that God said "The LORD will fight for you, you only need to be still." 
Tony Els