Tompson (10 March 2011)
"Mutassim Qaddafi...Could this be a viable candidate for Antichrist"
Are you staring at the face of the Antichrist right now?
I was watching Jack Van Impe the other night rather casually hardly paying any attention when a picture of Clinton with this man came on the screen. I instantly looked at him and thought Antichrist. I am not sure why, but it was quite a strong impression.  This guy is 33 years old and had to flee to off all place Egypt for safety for many years where he was believed to be dead only to be found alive later. (  Got this from Wikipedia but honestly not sure if they were referring to him or one of his brothers.)  Something about this guy sets an internal alarm off in me that goes very deep. And he steps on the scene now that we are entering into the third of three kings/leaders falling. 
When I was 19 ( I am 32) now, I remember the Lord giving me a dream in which America made a treaty with a leader from the East of Lebanon, and that leader would absolutely destroy us. He sent us a package that actually ended up killing the president in the dream. I am not exactly sure how it went and I am trying to find where I wrote it down. But I know in my knower this guy is going to give us big problems at some point. Honestly, I think by looking at this picture I might be staring at the face of the AC...who knows. The one thing I do know is whoever he is he is about to step onto the scene any minute.