TN Dove (18 March 2011)
"For Nicole re:  Very Very Proud of RITA"

Hi Nicole-

Thanks so much for your kind words about our newly redesigned site:

"I feel like a PROUD mom for RITA!   My heart is overfilling with
exceptional joy for the overcoming that this wonderful, fine group has
completed and has moved the site to new levels!   RITA has overcome many
obstacles and used those challenges to go to further places in the world.

No more hacking, no more trolls!   No more venomous, vindictive behavior
to rip the site apart.  Hell cannot prevail against the Church!   And at
the VERY VERY last moments RITA has not given up and prevailed."

SO true - hell CANNOT prevail against us, can it, sister? The growth so
far has been astounding to us!! To everyone who has had problems with the
trolls at our site in the past, we welcome you to visit, re-register &
give it another try. We have instituted many new security procedures to
protect our members that were not present before. All of the moderators
are working together to make sure things never to return to where they
were a few months ago.

It's a NEW DAY @ Rapture In The Air Now {RITA}:

Thanks so much for noticing and saying such kind words, Nicole. It makes
all the hard work worth the effort.

-TN Dove