Texas Sue (24 March 2011)
"Lewis Brackett - Mayflower Descendants"

Your post: http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/march2011/lewisb322-2.htm
Lewis, this is amazing isn'it it?  We are related twice.  Once by these Mayflower ancestors and then by the blood of Jesus!  Small world isn't it.
I will look for that book you mentioned about the Mayflower.  I love history,, especially American & Texas history.  These posts on the Mayflower Compact - covenant with God by the Mayflower passengers, prompted me to pull  out a book I have by Arthur Burks called, "Relentless Generational Blessings".  He talks about a stored up heavenly trust fund of blessings in each family line from the Godly acts of our ancestors.  He shares how to draw on that in our time and release them to our families now to enable us to do more for the Lord.  You would enjoy that book too as many others may.  God bless you brother!  Looking forward to meeting you and yours at the rapture.