Texas Sue (21 March 2011)
"Dewey & Deborah - Mayflower Descendants continued"

Dewey & Deborah - Mayflower Descendants continued
The posts about the different Doves here who are Mayflower descendants piqued my interest.  As I posted Friday, my maternal grandmother's father's line is connected to John Tilley and brother Edward Tilley, Mayflower passengers and Mayflower Compact signers.
In browsing through info on the web I happened across the Last Will & Testament of Elizabeth Tilley Howland, daughter of John & Joan Tilley.  Her parents died soon after coming on shore from the Mayflower.  She was 13 at the time, was taken in and reared by another family and married John Howland.  They had ten children.  I love the way the will reads, composed by Elizabeth herself.  It shows the strong love ovf God that was present in these early few who came here to make a place for God in this world.  Especially note the last paragraph and her charge to her children.  I look forward to meeting her in heaven.