Texas Sue (18 March 2011)
"Dewey - Mayflower Compact Descendants on 5 Doves"

Dewey, in response to your inquiry, I am related to John Tilley and Edward Tilley on my maternal grandmother's side of the family.  John and his wife Joan, and his brother Edward were passengers on the Mayflower and signers of the Mayflower Compact.
I remember seeing a native evangelist from India on Benny Hinn's program several years ago who had been told by God that He would always remember the group in the little boat that came over the seas with one purpose.  That purpose was to make a place for God in the world.  A place for Jesus to be worshipped.  He (God) said that He would never forget that and would always bless America because of the Covenant they made with Him (Mayflower Compact).  I have never forgotten what he said that day on that program.
 This makes America only the second nation in the world, Israel being the first, that has a Covenant beginning with Almighty God.  I too believe that God has a special purpose for America and that He will deal with them according to His Covenant promise.
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