Tammy (7 March 2011)
"Re: Suzi and Christine. Fairy video I do not think was CGI altered"

I just wanted to add a thought to your response, to suggest that the footage was CGI altered is interesting since,how much that would cost to just edit those few seconds of video, because lets face it that is a Hollywood grade alteration of footage. There is so much background with the leaves and the trees, the lighting and so forth this is not like putting a picture of a UFO in the sky. (So much easier anyone could do.) The more background in a photo or video the harder it makes it to alter. Because of the continuity of the video or photo. Also then you must ask the question why go to that level of expense or trouble just to shoot a fairy video. Which is what it is being listed on You Tube for. Having nothing at all to do with Christian thoughts or demons just fairies. Also I have seen many dragon fly toys and spider toys in the stores. This is not a toy either. People ranted and raved and are still questioning the horseman video from the Egyptian riots which clearly looks fake from the first time it appears on screen. However, is interesting that the same eerie green glow can be seen in that footage of the horseman as well as the wings of the dragonfly on the tree trunk when it is first spotted by the camera man.
Please understand what my point in posting this in the first place which was that...the demonic insects of Revelations 9 are going to look like men with wings and the long hair of a woman. I do not think they will have the body of a horse but simply the verse is referring to the type of armor that a horse wore during those times. The scorpion tail of the creature in the Bible I think just refers to the fact it will sting you with a scorpion like venom and sting. Not literally having a scorpions tail. However I do think the teeth will be like a lions teeth in shape and sharpness. Looking at the video that creature almost but not quite fits that form.  Fake or real who knows only the person who shot the footage knows that, either way I like it when things happen to make me see the Bible through a new light and look at the puzzle of Revelations from a different angle. Also this video got hardly any notice proving the poster was not very successful in trying to make Christians take notice.   :)
Thanks for responding either way.
Also again I do not believe in fairies or the like but this video has me questioning the physical properties of demons.  It was fun sharing and again thanks.
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