Tammy (16 March 2011)
"All Doves ...Chernobyl/Rapture/ and Japan Melt Down   WE ARE IN TROUBLE BIG TROUBLE"

Chernobyl....Are you ready For what is next...Are you ready for Chernobyl 2011...JAPAN?
I was eight living in germany when Chernobyl occured, we were on lock down for a week there. We could not go outside, play on the playground, my dad could not even go to work without a mask on. Is the world ready for this economic shut down. It will you know hit the pocket book hard. Have you seen the devestation of Chernobyl to this day how it poisoned the land and the water in that poor town? To this day children and animals are born with severe birth defects and mutations. Japan is an Island country, honestly I wonder if the people of Japan will have to move out entirely ? There is a possibility more then one reactor is going to go....those poor people. May God himself appear to the Japanese people and save those who can be saved. 
Today I opened the Bible to this verse:
Mark 1:15

Mark 1:15 

15 "The time  is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God  has come near.  Repent and believe  in the good news!"

Emphasis on fulfilled is mine.

Here is an excerpt from my dream that was posted on October 25,2010 to the fivedoves. ( Original post in full is linked below.)
                                                                                ...WE ARE ABOUT TO OPEN UP THE WINDOW WE ARE ABOUT TO RAPTURE!
I wanted to leave but I could not because the exit doors were locked. She leaned over and whispered into my left ear the following, " The password to get out is the same as the chemical they use for grass." At that moment I saw in my dream a white  10 gallon bottle very much like the kind you would purchase at any Home Depot store for lawn chemicals or for oil for your car.  But the chemical on this bottle  with a white and green logo was " Chernobyl."  I then saw the building I was in was the warehouse for the company that made the, "Chernobyl," lawn chemical.( America was the maker of Nuclear weapons if I am not mistaken.) At that the woman turned to her left whispered into the man's ear next to her appearing to agree with him.(She was not supposed to let me out or in on the password she was playing a dual role.) She then began the summit with a forceful voice saying, "Men I know that we have all lost  many investments and I too have suffered, I know we are ready to strike to regain.  (Let me add that in the dream I knew that by this she meant that the people gathered together in that meeting place wanted to use Chernobyl to gain back their losses, a nuclear war.)"  I did not hear the end of her sentence because I was too eager to leave, I entered the password into her laptop ( (Remember that when you open a laptop the first program to open is Windows, a window to heaven I am assuming.) and the truck bay opened. (Rapture.)
Now the other day I was researching this dream again after the passing of Joan Veon, she too is very similar to the woman in my dream. So I looked up the words,"Chernobyl," and the word "grass," in the same Google line. This was the result.
Did I ever tell you how the Chernobyl area got its name?" "Tell me again." "It's named after a wild grass called wormwood. This wormwood, or Chernobyl grass ...
or this from a person living in the UK at the time

In Ukrainian language ( where we don't like to say "the") Chernobyl is the name of a grass, wormwood (absinth). This word scares the holy bejesus out of people here. Maybe part of the reason for that among religious people is because the Bible mentions Wormwood in the book of the revelations - which foretells the end of the world.... http://www.kiddofspeed.com/chapter2.html

worm·wood  (wûrmwd)
1. Any of several aromatic plants of the genus Artemisia, especially A. absinthium, native to Europe, yielding a bitter extract used in making absinthe and in flavoring certain wines.
2. Something harsh or embittering.
Did you know Wormwood was a plant? Neither did I not until a few days ago, it was knowledge God gave me through the dream.
One of the original postings of my dream back in October 25, 2010.