Suzi (9 March 2011)
"To Carol G re: The Event"

You actually saw the season finale of "The Event".

It is still noteworthy in that the real idea behind it is more akin to the school of thought that 'they were here first'.

Yes, this group 'crashed here' back when our technology was so primitive that they couldn't leave, so they were captured/hunted and rounded up and imprisoned. I think the most important part of this show is how it showcases how our government LIES to us.

Notice the footage they showed of the missile launch that looked JUST like the one we saw off the CA coast awhile back. Notice too on the 'news' they said it was just a commercial jet, then they show the Prez (note that he is a young black man?), say something about the 'story fed to the news'? Yeah, that's not right out of the headlines is it?

Then, we see a strong woman politician from ALASKA making waves...huh, wonder who that might be mimicking?

The thing about this show is how the group is 'peaceful', but after 66 (odd number too, huh?) years, the son of the female 'leader' of the group has 'gone rouge' and is now out to bring as many of 'them' here to 'take back what was theirs'.

They are following the very old school of thought that 'we' were 'seeded' here by an advanced alien species. Also note, that one of the biggest 'rules' that Sophia (the leader) gave the ones who escaped and lived among the people (they don't age btw) was NOT to have children!! Yet, one did. So, now we have two 'hybrid' daughters. Also, there is another faction (that's why this was so confusing) within the government (that shadow government theme)...and one old dude who wants the alien tech/dna/something for his own use. I think it's either keeping him alive or making seem to age so he can fit in...not sure on that. But notice how he talks about timelines 'crossing paths'...he also had an odd engraved desk top that looked a lot like the Masonic maps of DC and other places around the world that seem to be only visible from space.

A lot of people get confused with the was JJ Abrams tells his stories. I'm surprised the show was still on the air. *I gave up on it and missed some eps*. I knew all along what the big deal was going to be (they were here first) I figured I didn't need to watch. I was cracking up at them using Chris Matthews from MSNBC in one segment. Honestly, if someone was really going to point a finger at our government's misuse of money and hiding the truth, why go to him? They'd be on Hannity or O'Reilly!! lol. Oh well.

It's just another thing the enemy is tossing out there to confuse people. Honestly, it would just be 'another tv show' if the timing of all this 'ufo' 'alien' stuff weren't top news.

I like "V" better, more entertaining since it is more 'fantasy'...The Event is more realistic, since it portrays our government in a much more realistic light. Both are worth keeping an eye on, since the enemy LOVES to interject in these works...usually without the real knowledge of those involved!