Suzi (8 March 2011)
"Follow up about Dog Tags"

Okay, now I'm really wondering what is going on!

Today my daughter and hubby went down to Starbucks to meet up with her new friend (who gave her the dog tag, which is still missing)...they were supposed to just hang out for a couple of hours till his friend got off work to give him a ride home (he lives about 40 mins away). I guess my husband really likes the guy, cuz next thing I know all three are walking in the door and he hung out here till nearly 10pm! :)

Now, here's the odd part.

HIS dog tag came off the cord HE was wearing! He said he noticed it was gone, but felt his chest and noticed it had fallen into his pocket on the t-shirt he was wearing! How crazy is that? We went over all the details of how/when Jessi's could have been lost...he agreed that it's possible he did scoop it up when he was rushing to go meet his friend the other day...but it was not in his back pack or clothing. I noted that if he'd caught it on something (which he says has happened in the past), he could have lost it anywhere from the bathroom, across our lawn, in the car, and then when he got out of our car and into his friend's.

So, both dog tags falling off...going missing. Even though he does have his (the little bit of ball chain came undone and he never found that)'s just, to me, very odd.

I really didn't feel comfortable with her wearing it, but I knew she wanted to.

Still praying we find it.