Suzi (7 March 2011)
"To Mercer Re: Diana and such"

Just as an aside...when I was an initiated witch watching the romance and wedding of Princess Diana, I felt very strongly that she was ushering in a new era.

I 'knew' then, that she, being a 'goddess warrior queen', would give birth to someone important in the 'grand scheme of things'. I was actually surprised when she did not have a girl, thinking then that, being a "Dianic Wiccan" it would be a FEMALE leader who would 'change the world'....I must have been wrong in my 'feelings/knowledge'. I've also stated that I've always 'felt' something 'big' was going to happen in 2011. Even when I studied about the 2012 prophesies and such, I kept thinking the date was 'off'.

I know that Satan lets some of his vessels/vassels 'in on' some secrets (the word 'occult' translates as 'hidden or forbidden knowledge')...and many wiccans believe that 'Eve was the first 'witch' in that she 'realized', she could be 'like God'.

Just some input from someone who's been on both sides of the fence.

I became a Christian in '83, so I just dismissed all my 'thoughts' of those days...but now with all this stuff, it's bringing back the memories...especially when I did my studies of 'end times' without benefit of Biblical input.