Suzi (7 March 2011)
"Rather Odd Prayer Request"

My 22nd yr. old daughter met a really nice guy a couple years older than her. He's been a Christian for 5 years, and was a Marine. I can tell he really likes her. He told her he wants to 'get to know her' before 'dating' her. They've 'hung out' a few times and visit online and via text every day. He cut his hand really badly a few weeks ago, and she took him to his drs. appts and even took him for one of the minor surgeries he had to have done.

A week or so ago he gave her one of his dog tags from his service in the military (he wore them both around his neck). She was very touched by it, she could tell it meant something to him. She found a good necklace cord and I made sure it had a good clasp, since I was afraid of her losing it. She's always been very careful about any jewelry she wears, but was very upset back in Oct. when she lost a silver ring she'd 'stolen' from her brother when he outgrew it. It about broke her heart that she'd lost her 'bro-bro's' ring.

Today, they were here getting ready for the play tonight, and he was making calls to have a friend pick him up. She'd been in the shower, and had taken off the cord w/ the dog tag and her little silver ring. She'd been wearing it, but was going to put it in her bag when she put her costume on for the play. She put on the the bulk of the costume in the bathroom, but came out of the steamy room to finish putting all the extra stuff (it's a pirate theme event, so she had layers of clothes). While she was having me lace up the side of her bodice, he went into the bathroom. When he came out, she went back in to get her jewelry to put away, and put her contacts on. I heard her teasingly say, 'dude, you knocked my stuff down'...he stepped back into the hallway and said, 'what stuff? I didn't knock anything down I don't think...". Her ring was on the floor, and the cord to without the dog tag (with the little bead chain) was missing. The stuff was right next to the sink/hamper and in front of the toilet and litterbox. We have a VERY small bathroom. In fact the cord was laying on top of a container/jug of cat litter, draped over, so that if the tag had fallen, it would either be on the side near the sink counter or in the middle of the floor. She looked all over. I called out, 'did you check the hamper?'...she took everything out of the hamper, shaking each piece (as did I), we even scooped the litter box thinking it might have bounced in...we picked out every bit of trash from the trash can...I picket up everything on the floor and swept up under the edge of the cabinet, even in the groove where the sliding tub/shower door runs...nothing!! While she was looking in the hamper, we noticed the half grown kitten/cat we just got in Oct. peeking out of the litterbox...that's one reason we decided to 'scoop & check'...Jessi joked, "I think Jinx took it!"...and Eric (who by this point she'd taken to meet his friend who was giving him a ride home) texted back, 'oh man, I passed the cat on the way into the bathroom!'. Now we really are wondering if the silly cat did take it.

Anyway, she's just sick about it. I could tell she was about to cry, and he had to rush to meet his friend...but he left sure that I'd find it in the hamper (I've even done the laundry and it wasn't in the washer and I didn't hear it clinking in the dryer). He knows she wasn't careless with it, since it was right there on the counter. It couldn't fit down the drain, since we have one of those plug things and it would be too wide.

So, very long story not so short...

Please pray that we are able to find the dog tags. They are still getting to know each other, and he's being such a gentleman with her, and one of the older guys in the play said, 'I really like that guy', then looked right at me and repeated it, nodding. So, I don't want to hurt his feelings over this.

Unfortunately my house is a jumbled mess of costumes/junk and stuff...and we live on 1.5 if, for some odd reason that silly cat was able to get the darn thing outside, I don't see how we'd ever find it.

So, again, please pray that we are able to find this very important memento of his service to our Country, and the token of his affection. I have gone round and round thinking that maybe he grabbed it up with his stuff (he went in to freshen up and change his shirt), and he left so quickly it might be in his back pack...I thought maybe Jessi grabbed it up when she brought her drawstring 'laundry' type bag that I have the kids use when we do Ren Faires or they do plays and they need to keep their regular clothes handy and they can put their costumes back in.

And just off topic but not...the play they are doing is a 'Murder Mystery Dinner Theater', for a charity that drills wells in Uganda as well as helps build medical's a comedy with a mish-mash of every pirate real or imagined! (Jessi plays the ship's cook called 'Carmen Getit'. lol.

I think what bothers me most is that they are doing things right, in their personal relationship (following a Godly rather than worldly path), they are having fun doing theater (he does Stand Up comedy when he's not working), and the play is for a good charity. All good things, makes me wonder if there is some kind of spiritual meddling going on. She says it's worse because he's being so nice about it, when she knows how much it meant to him, just by the way he gave it to her. Poor kid.

Thanks for letting me 'mommy rant'. I guess we never stop being concerned and wanting to take the owies away. :/