Suzi (7 March 2011)
"Re: Deborah"

In your letter about not arming the border agents...and the 'destroy America' part.

My husband is an avid chess player. He plays online, so he 'meets' people from all over the world. The other day one player 'messaged' him and said he was working/living in the Middle East, and soon would be returning to the US. He asked my husband what he thought of Obama, since the 'news' there and the general thought was that he was Muslim, and had embraced and promoted the "Muslim Brotherhood" and was actively working to destroy America! He said that this was the way the world sees us and Obama...they KNOW we had a traitor in the White House and the man wondered if the American people were aware of it.

My husband told him he was a Christian, conservative, Independent...and said he had not idea what BHOs real motives were, but could tell him with certainty that the US is going to 'h*** in a handbasket' and it didn't seem to be stoppable at this point!

Sad that the world can see the things that WE try to tell others...yet 'they' remain oblivious and think 'we' are nuts.

My son told me years ago when he was a missionary, that we should NOT trust our news, since some things had happened in the world and WE had no reporting of it. He'd called and asked me what the news was saying about some event, and even doing a search online I had nothing. He said he was amazed at the stuff other countries hear that we are not told. We've been spoonfed for so long, we don't even realize it is happening.