Suzi (5 March 2011)
"Re: Fairy"

It's really clear that someone took a real video that this family took, and CGed the 'demon/fairy'...When they first see the 'insect', it's easy to see it's a huge Dragon Fly like we have around here. It was obviously 'sleeping' due to the cold/wet weather, and they 'woke it up' and it flew at them. I have no doubt the video is 'real', in that the man who posted it didn't know what it was (a dragon fly), but someone then took that vid and got creative with it.

When I was a child I DID 'see fairies'. They looked like what alot of people draw now-a-days, the 'flower ladies'...I've often wondered if they were just 'imaginary friends' or something else. I find it interesting that so many people 'see' the same things. I've wondered if they were angels, keeping an eye on me. My mom was just a kid when I was born (2 months past her 16th birthday), and we moved to the house where I saw them when I was 3. I can remember getting up really early and going out to play when there was still ice in the mud puddles (so, during school time, before I was old enough to go, which I started "K" when I was 4), here's a little kid, out in the country, playing by herself...I'm sure my guardian angels retired with 'hazard pay'! But another thought I've had is, what if they were something 'other' than 'good'. I remember wanting to be a 'witch' when I was 8, and actually 'becoming one' at 13. So, who knows, maybe those were angels trying to keep me safe, because they saw the path I was taking...or maybe they were 'other' and led me down the path I took?

Either way, this is a CGed vid, and it should be viewed as such. The fact that people promote it, or use it as 'evidence' just makes us look silly...and that is just what the enemy wants.