Suzi (31 March 2011)
"To Carl re: Tap & Go"

We've had that technology for awhile now (in the US). They have shown commercials for it, with a jogger coming into a coffee shop, tapping his credit card onto a device and running on his way. They've also done expose's on news tv programs about how easily 'cyber crooks' can 'snag' your info by just buying one of the machines that 'takes credit cards' (like any business) and setting up a system that can be carried in a small brief case, and 'grab' bank info (basically make a withdrawl as if you purchased something from them. It's become such a real issue, that now one of the latest "As Seen On TV" products is the 'alumi-wallet'. It's a specially made hard case wallet that keeps credit cards safe, from the elements as well has identity thieves and the like!

We are much closer to the 'mark' that ever now!