Suzi (31 March 2011)
"To Steven P re: Nightmares/visions"

The other day I asked my daughter if she would help me clean out the boxes under my bed (when we moved, the kids placed some of my 'junk' under the bed as it was being put together, and now, the boxes will not slide out). She gave a funny little laugh and said, "I dreamed you were going to ask me that". She then, very thoughtfully said, 'what's going on with me lately?'.

You see, she's been having little dreams/nightmares that seemingly 'play out' either in our daily lives or in the news or in some story I've brought her. So far, she had a dream of a 'planet beside the sun getting bigger and bigger as days passed, and we knew it was going to 'kill us all''. She told me that dream awhile back, and when I brought her some info on what many people believe about "Planet X", she said, 'I had that dream again', and told me more details.
The other day, my husband was told the 'pay cuts' they knew were coming were going into effect starting April 1st. 5%! Plus, his over time would be cut drastically. He asked me about 'letting the bank take the house'...I told him how dangerous that would be. Later, when my daughter asked about something (which would cost money), I told her how worried daddy was, and told her what he'd said. She said, 'I had a dream you guys sold the house and it was a really bad idea, so in the dream I went back in time and told you NOT to sell it!'. How odd is that?
Then, the little thing about me telling her something that she dreamed I would.

I told her that back before I was a Christian, we were having alot of earthquake activity, and I became 'very psychic', knowing things had happened out of my presence, dreaming dreams that came true, things like that. I always wondered if the electromagnetic energy that is released 'tickled' some part of the brain that has lain dormant since we lost the garden. I believe (from being on both sides of the spiritual fence), that when 'we communed with God' in the Garden, it was most likely in some sort of 'telepathic' way, I believe that man used ALL of his brain back then. I think, when we are again with the Lord, it will 'turn on' completely. I think that there are times when some of us have it 'turned on' even more. There are times when one can feel/tell they are truly 'in the spirit'...and all senses are enhanced...I think this is what it was like for Man before the Fall. (I remember feeling the Holy Spirit so strongly, I looked over at my older daughter who was sitting reading her Bible, and she was glowing golden!).

Anyway, I think we are going to be hearing/seeing more and more reports of dreams and visions in the days and weeks to come! I've told my daughter to start writing these things down...since most of them are not remembered until something happens that reminds her of them.