Suzi (30 March 2011)
"Re: Looking inside the San Andreas fault"

Wow! That whole article was dealing w/ my own 'back yard' as it were!! I always tell people, when they marvel that I willingly live in CA, that we are in the middle of the middle of the state. If you look on a 'recent earthquakes in Ca map', our little 'basin' is the only spot in the state that doesn't have little 'squares' denoting seismic activity. Of course, when I was a kid, people kept saying that 'CA is going to fall into the sea' some day. they meant that either the Western-most part (along the coast & up to the hills) would go, OR the majority of the state, up to the Eastern-most mountain range would so the 'breaking off' and slipping in. Needless to say, if those hills to the west of us (between our Valley and the Pacific) did 'break' in any way, we'd most definitely be flooded, just like those images from Japan!