Suzi (28 March 2011)
"Thanks Micheal re: Haarp"

Yes, I'd heard of HAARP years ago from my computer/electronic genius son. He tried explaining these things to me back then (when he was between 10-13 yrs old), when he was doing 'experiments' based on his own inner knowledge (if I were still into the occult, I'd say he was getting 'info' from his late grandpa who was an electrician), plus things he read on his own, and some things he 'learned' in 'dreams'. This kid 'wired' a 'booby trap' to his 'club house' by attaching wires to the outside water faucet, hooked up to a metal 'mud mat' and attached to the metal door handle that send a static shock to the bratty neighborhood kids who trashed their 'playhouse'!! Of course, this is the same kid, who at age 3 tried to rewire an only lamp and got his first 'shock'!!
He understands this stuff, and also being fascinated by Tesla, believes that these people are using his patents and designs for 'no good'.
If my son, at about the age of 17, could rig up a 'receiver' in the house, then go out about a 1/4 mile or more to the back of our property, use a 'laser pointer' and 'send' sound to me in the house by pointing the laser at the receiver...what do you think those with huge budgets could do? My son wanted to find a way that indigenous people in 3rd World countries could send short messages easily across great distances...he didn't want to 'rule the world'. *shudder*