Suzi (26 March 2011)
"To Nicole"

I am not trying to make light the things you wrote to Patty about the 'future' you have 'seen'...but I have to say, 'girl, you could make a fortune in Hollywood!'.

The 'future' you describe,

I looked at this new system and marveled how beautiful everything was.  But then I realized what it would be like to actually live in one of those cities.   You would be monitored inside of your "apartment" building, your DNA would mapped into a computer with your genetic code stating where you would live, what your job would be, what food you would get, what potential mates you could choose from to produce children with, how many or if any children you could have due to your DNA makeup, what your weight would be, when you would work out, what you would learn and watch on t.v., and the list goes on.   They would probably also tell you when it was your time to die like in the movie Logan's Run as well..."

Would make an awesome, terrifying 'Scifi movie'!!

The most frightening thing would be that only Believers would see the horror, the rest of the 'sheeple' would see a 'bright new future' you said, a 'utopia'.

I think what I am using here is known as 'gallows humor', you know, where you have to laugh to keep from crying? I too sense these things. I am not gifted with visions or dreams, I am just plagued with 'feelings' and 'knowings'. I've been experiencing these things my whole life, even before I was a Christian (that's how satan fooled me intothinking I was a 'witch' (ie: wiccan='wise one'). Once I became a Christian, it took me a while to understand that the 'gift' was just that, and I have had dreams and such, only to realize that they were only warnings to pray for what was going to happen.

In '08, at the first sighting of Obama, things were kicked into hyperdrive for me. For the first time 'politics' interested me, as I saw that it would be via that route that things would really start happening. (I know that makes sense, but it was somehow lost on me all these years).

Now, for me, I am better at analyzing dreams, and I just keep on praying. I've been noting the timing of major events, watching Feast Days and Solar and Lunar timings and noting even the 'little things' that seemingly mean nothing to most, but always manifest 'on time'. For now, I just feel like I'm in a holding pattern, a waiting game, not unlike the last trimester of a pregnancy.

Please keep posting your 'messages' all is like a big puzzle piece and we are all around the table ready, willing and able to help to put those pieces together till we are all gathered around the banquet table for the wedding feast!