Suzi (26 March 2011)
"To Bill B. re: our kids"

Hi Bill...

I guess we can't really blame the kids, they are in love, they Love the Lord, but they are so busy looking at the blessings He's given them that they can't imagine anything negative (depending on when we go/trib timing/etc) happening.

We've gone through a lot of negative stuff lately with the middle kid (my daughter), and she's starting to see that bad things DO happen to 'good people'. I think reality is creeping in a bit. I just wish they'd get married and start their lives...I know God wants them to be happy, He wants them to have the desires of their hearts, maybe my future son-in-law having his car totaled *not his fault/hit & run*, losing his job, her car being rear-ended, their cat having to be put to sleep (after $350 worth of treatment), plus the total rearranging of all wedding plans will open their eyes!? *eep*

My son, who's been ready to be married for years, but then the economy went bad in '08, the grant money the school was paying him with 'ended/ran out', and he had to live off his savings (ring/wedding/etc). He's just now saved up enough for the ring...not sure where he is on the wedding (he's paying for it, since she's Chinese and he's not expecting us to pay for it *since she wants a BIG wedding*).

Now, on top of all this, my husband, who's been with his job for over 30 years (he can retire in 3), just had almost all his overtime cut (about $5000 per year), PLUS and 5% pay cut!! (of course, they take the average of the last 3 years you've worked to figure your retirement pay!!). *ack*

It is very obvious (to me anyway), that the world does not like us (Christians), and the tribulations have already begun...I surely hope the Lord does come to take us all home before the 'Great Tribulation' starts!! I look around the world and realized how much we are blessed...I see how bad it could be. I just wanna be outta here before all that comes down on us.

Prayers appreciated, and back at ya!