Suzi (25 March 2011)
"To Susan in Australia"

Of course, you are right that this man (who I still think is a sap), needs much prayer. I think my anger comes more toward his arrogance that will most likely lead other 'sheeple' down the same path he is on. grrrrr.

I guess the 'mom' in me has much in common with the 'evil/bratty 16 yr old'! :P

On a serious note, so much of the world needs prayer, I think I end up just lumping all these types together...where I most likely should 'put a face/name' to it. *sigh* (if I have to be an adult, I guess I will!).

*back to bratty*...but seriously, how DARE he!! Can you imagine the scorn and attack that a conservative/Christian would get if they so much as hinted what they believe? I mean, I've stopped watching O'Reilly and Beck because it's very obvious that they are just watered down versions of the MSM. Even my snarky favorite "Red Eye" was making fun of Donald Trump who was on 'The View' and simply said, 'why doesn't he (BHO) just show the Birth Certificate?...there is obviously something on there he doesn't want us to see....". They totally jumped on him!! Fox News has made it VERY clear that they either do not TOUCH the subject, or they tow the line. The fact/common sense answer is just what Donald Trump said...'WHY not just show it?'...and 'he's obviously got something to hide'. *duh* (oops, slipped back to the brat again).

Of course, Fox is owned by the same companies who put out the 'other' side of the news, so it's no surprise we are getting 'faux' news!! *bratty and witty, heh*

Boy, you are right, this world is in dire need of MUCH Prayer!!