Suzi (24 March 2011)
"Thank you Fay!"

Please keep my daughter, my future son-in-law and their dear friends in prayer. The traumatic event/accident that took the other couple's cat was so horrific, the young woman is seeking professional help for 'flashbacks' today. For those who are not 'pet people' (or as we think, 'pet parents'), it's not just having an animal die...

This was just too bazaar in the timing and the familial connection. My daughter fostered kittens, they knew the couple that were engaged could not have kids, they gave 2 of the kittens to them as a wedding gift, my daughter kept one sibling from that litter. (She's also kept 2 others, one of which died of the multiple strokes). The most telling of this story (in that I believe it to be a spiritual attack against 'family') is that this young couple were praying for them, (my daughter and her fiance had to make very hard choices of money/vs what was right for their 'baby')...that night, in the midst of them praying, posting prayer requests online...somehow the tragic accident happened. The young woman feels 'to blame' since it was her actions that caused it. But, my Sweet Lord, I have no idea how such a thing could happen!! It is beyond 'freak accident'. The girl is beyond emotionally scarred.

My daughter always gets teased because she's always doing a 'kitty head count', knowing how cats will hide/sleep in the strangest places...well, this is what obviously happened to the fostered kitty she lovingly gave to this couple (another dagger in the heart of both girls).

I cannot imagine how it must be for her. I've lost pets, my dear 'Angel Cat' Inara disappeared one night...she kept coming to me to 'go to bed', but my daughter and I were trying to catch up on a tv show that was starting the new we were doing a marathon. I remember my cat was in my lap for the whole day, she was doing the 'time for bed' antics, of going to the hall and staring at me. Then, she went outside. I heard the dogs who live behind us barking. Later, I went out to find her (at about 2am), I knew she was gone, since she always came when I called her. Now, I can't watch the tv show that we'd been watching. I don't know how this young gal is going to be able to function around her house after what happened. My daughter lost a beloved dog back in ND, who got hit by a train...and now, whenever the local train whistle sounds, we both cringe.

My husband, who's been a cop since he was 19, and knows how to 'character profile', says that women have a 'memory chip' that records all the things that are happening at the time of every event, good and bad they experience. I know that's true. He says he's learned that whenever I get upset over innocent things, it's most likely something was done, said, heard, smelled, seen, whatever that 'triggered a negative memory'. He's learned to just step lightly until the pain goes away. But when something mundane is the cause of the tragic death of a beloved pet, how in the world is she going to go on? I imagine her husband will take over the duties involved in this household activity.

I didn't want to go into detail and I know I'm being cryptic, but the internet is a huge place, yet things do come back around. I don't feel that I should be 'telling tales', but I want everyone to know that these very connected incidents are too 'other worldly' in nature and I honestly feel it was orchestrated by the enemy to hurt my kids (my own and the acquired ones).

So, please Doves, pray for peace, comfort and protection on these kids (all mid 20s and older), they are hurting in an unnatural way, this is war...I know it. I think the enemy is doing his best to try to shake the foundations of our faith in anyway he can. I think as Christians we are going see/hear/experience more and more seemingly senseless attacks on us...going after the weakest ones, the softest spots in our hearts. Of course, we KNOW when we see these things we are to rejoice, but we are only we do feel the sting, we do feel the pain.

I told the kids, if God wants us to have the desires of our hearts, here on Earth, then so it shall be in Heaven. If we are going to have streets of gold, and we are told of other 'earthly' things, if the Lion will lay down with the Lamb...I KNOW we will see these beloved pets again. He knows when a sparrow falls, how much more will He be aware when a pet who gave us unconditional love is taken?

Thank you all.