Suzi (24 March 2011)
"Re: "The Noise""

Can you please post a link to the recording of 'The Noise'?

When I was a kid, we lived 7 miles from the NAS, they had underground facilities where they tested 'jet engines' (and some thought nukes/rockets). If you were ON the base, you could not hear it! It was a few miles further away from the housing area. So, our little town, about 10 miles to the South-East of the 'underground' testing places could 'hear' the low rumbling.

I also can't help but think of HAARP. They are shooting 'sound waves' into the ionosphere. They say it's for 'testing' of 'fill in the blank', since no one can give a straight answer! *insert eyeroll here*.

Is there a youtube or other link that might have this recorded 'noise'? I'd be very interested in hearing it.